On popular demand, extra tickets for JODI’s “VRTaxi” and Max Dovey’s “Cologne, What’s Your Mothers Maiden Name?” are made available on Saturday evening 29 June between 06:00 and 10:00 PM.

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the backdrop of increasing digitalisation, Noordkaap Taxi deals with
the significance of the automobile in the 21st century. The automobile,
once a synonym for technological progress, has now mainly become a
burden. The artists MAX DOVEY (UK), ABNER PREIS (NL) and JODI (NL) have
each taken a close look at the automobile from very different artistic
angles and developed performative taxi rides that will certainly change
your perception of Cologne.

JODI presents a unique moving piece of art specially developed for Noordkaap Taxi
in Cologne. With a digital diorama on your head, your senses will be
kidnapped for the duration of a short taxi ride. JODI’s
“VRTaxi”catapults you into populair digital culture with a Youtube footage overkill and Image Recognition at the car scrap yard.

“Cologne, what is your Mother’s Maiden Name” invites the audience to explore the past, present and future of Cologne and write new stories based on what they see. Taxi’s departing from King Georg take passengers on a journey through different stages of Cologne. Prepare to encounter some old friends, hear some familiar sounds and discover an automated augmented future. As a passenger on this tour you are invited to write a new history based on the sights and sounds of Cologne in 2019. Artists: Max Dovey, with participants Youth Academy/ Cologne: Argia Helen Wehner, Bessie Normand, Johannes Hoffmann, Emma Bieck

Meeting Point: King Georg Büdchen,  Sudermanstrasse 2, 50670 Köln/ near Ebertplatz

Please feel free to contribute to the program by the Pay-What-You-Want-principle after a ride. 

NKTaxi offers a limited amount of tours. You’ll need a (free) ticket to join one or several tours. These tours are part of the festival on Memories, an initiative of the Academy of the Arts of the World/ Cologne. By attending one of the NKTaxi rides, you automatically participate in the