(Artistically Justified) CONDITIONS

Departure time

You are urgently requested to arrive on time
at the location of departure. 
However, we cannot guarantee that there will be no waiting times on


Any changes to the timetable and the point of departure will be communicated by e-mail.


If you are unexpectedly unable to join a tour, we would greatly appreciate a no-show, so that someone else can book your seat. In the Eventbride e-mail you can easily cancel a reservation.

* * * *The Academy invites you as Public Historians to contribute your memories to a collective, digital archive project Memory Stations and make them public. Whether stories, photos, letters, documents, diaries or handwritten recipes, sewing patterns, shopping lists – all your objects and memories are important to reconstruct previously unheard stories. .. more info can be found here: https://www.academycologne.org/de/article/1527_memory_stations