Noordkaap is a Dutch platform for contemporary art production rooted in present-day political and social contexts. The
foundations purpose is to research social issues with the aim of
creating cross-boarder programmes, that appeal to the public in
unconventional ways. Noordkaap develops, produces and exhibits
high-quality contemporary art using experimental forms of presentation.
It operates both inside as well as outside the regular channels of the
art world.

Noordkaap is a non-profit organisation with a ANBI status, following the Dutch Cultural Governance Code, seated in Dordrecht.NL


  • is a Dutch nomadic platform for contemporary art and creative production
  • realizes context-related productions in collaboration with a network of international artists and designers at different stages in their artistic careers
  • experiments with forms of presentation and public outreach together with local partners
  • makes multidisciplinair programs that deal with current issues of urban society
  • programmed in The Netherlands, in Munich, Lisbon, Cologne, Budapest and in Istanbul

“… participants are more than capable of dealing with artists who reject Aristotelian moderation in favour of providing a more complicated acces
to social truth, however eccentric, extreme or irrational this might be.”

Claire Bishop, ‘Artificial Hells–Participatory, Art and the Politics of Spectatorship’, Verso 2012


Supervisory Board: Chairman Hans
Jansen Manenschijn – former director publishing house, member Sander van der
Zee – Advisor
City Council Barendrecht, Albrandswaard, Ridderkerk.

Artistic Director: Katja Diallo,
Zeist 1974, lives and works in Cologne

Former members of the board a.o.

Michel Adriaansens – Partner PriceWaterCooper Netherlands, Jeanne van der Horst – ind. documentary filmer, Colin Huizing – curator Museum Schiedam, Janneke van Kersen – NWO Creative Industry, George Lawson – form. dir. Fund Podiumkunsten, form. cultural attachee Dutch Embassy Berlin, Anne Nigten – dir. The Patching Zone Rotterdam, Ranti Tjan – dir. sundaymorning @ekwc, Ton van Dalen – artist and tutor Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam

Supporters and funding partners amongst others

Creative Industries Fund
Rotterdam 2019

Dutch Embassy 2019

City Council Dordrecht 2007 –

Mondriaan Fund 2008, 2010 –
2012, 2014

VSBfund 2008, 2011, 2012

Fund for Culture participation 2011,

NRW Kultursekretariat
International 2012

Foundation Doen 2008-2009

Do Not X-Ray 2007-2014

Indofin Group Rotterdam 2011,

Short CV

2019 ‘Noordkaap Taxi’
Cologne, Partner: Academy of the Arts of the World Cologne. Taxirides on the
cutting-edge of performance and digital culture with new works of JODI, Abner
Preis and Max Dovey, part of ‘Memory Stations’

2014 ‘It Never Happened’  Dordrecht/ Rotterdam, Partners: Wereld
van Witte de With Rotterdam & Open Monuments Days.
Noordkaaps post-futuristic 3 days anniversary.

artists i.a..: Anna Witt,
Michael Markwick, Filippo Minelli, NADA, Van den Ban&Zn., Foundland
Collective, Fabian Hesse, Erik Sep, Marit Shalem, Tirzo Martha, Lorenzo
Tripodi, Arturo Hernández Alcázar, Max Dovey

2014 ‘Autono Speakers’ a
concert happening exclusively streamed through FMfrequency, public attended in
their cars where they could hear the concert through car radio. artists:
Radboud Mens, Michel Banabila, Marco Douma and Jodi

2013 ‘Dus Niet Brommen’ (No
scooters allowed
) partner: Urban Explorers Festival Dordrecht.
audio-visual scooter expedition in corporation with Dordtse scooter youth,
artist Volle Band Collective Amsterdam

2012 ‘Not About Paprikas’
Documentary about artist resistance in Hungary under Viktor Orbán, by Jeanne
van der Horst and Monica Aerden. With a.o.: the Buharov Brothers, Zsolt
Petrányi, Agnes Heller and Henk Hirsh. Première with live music composed and
performed by The Gentry Sultan (HU) at The Movies, Dordrecht.

2011-2012 ‘Noordkaap Times’ six
newspapers accompanying the EU tour on Populism. Guest editors: Lennard Dost,
Monica Aerden. Artists, writers, philosophers and cartoonists contributing:
Jonas Staal, Macha Roesink, Bas Heijne, Pelin Tan, Machteld Leij, Merijn
Oudenampsen, Erzsébet Pilinger, Aimée de Jongh, Agnes Heller, Benjamin Dürr,
Matteo Lucchetti, Foundland Collective, Csaba Nemes, Zentrum für Politische
Schönheit, Burak Delier, Wouter Osterholt & Elke Uitentuis, Bart Nijstad.

2010 Founding member of De Zaak Nu, The Hague

2011-2012 Noordkaap European tour on the Rise of Populism
with a growing exhibition in Munich, Istanbul, Lisbon, Budapest, Cologne and
Dordrecht. ‘Adios Holanda’ Kunsthalle Whitebox, Munich; ‘Meclis-e-Mebusan’ Mimar
Sinan University of Fine Arts, Istanbul; Jack in The Box Cologne; ‘Not About
, Budapest, ‘Super Burro’,
LXFactory Lisbon, ‘Closing Part’, Dordrecht. Participants a.o.:
Benjamin F. Stumpf & Antje Feger, Bucharov Brothers, Remotewords, Gijs
Frieling, Tassilo Letzel, Piotr Kurek, Ivette Mrova Zub, Alexander Schikowski,
Daan den Houter, Filippo Minelli, Oliver Kunkel, Tim Wu & Piko Be, Zentrum
für Politische Schönheit, Ferhat Özgür.

Energiehuis Dordrecht

Exhibition and heavy metal folk
spectacle, curators Arno Coenen, Katja Diallo, artists a.o.: Hans van Bentem,
Arno Coenen, Martin C. de Waal & Martina Prins, Transformer di Roboter, Michael
Markwick, Kid Goesting, Martyn F. Overweel, Abner Preis.

2010 ‘Recycle X’,
partners: The Patching Zone Rotterdam, Verbeke Foundation Kemzeke/ Belgium,
E-Culture Fair Dordtmund, artists a.o.: Kitchen Budapest (Hungary), Gilberto
Esparza (Mexico), Stealth Unlimited (Rotterdam).

2009 ‘WEBCRA.SH/2900’, JODI’s festival without Internet

2008 ‘Superlatief’ curators
Hans van den Ban, Katja Diallo

Exhibition and
Fighting-Solves-Everything folk spectacle, opening with the Parade der
Schapenkoppen through the outskirts and the city center of Dordrecht,
presenting the Gala The Strongest Artist of the Netherlands at the
projectspace. Artists a.o.: Arno Coenen, Van den Ban &Zn., Federico
D’Orazio, Olaf Mooij, Piek!

‘Kruiend IJs’, art manifestation on the terrain of present-day
Villa Augustus/ Dordrecht/ NL, with a series of debates, led by Ruben Maes,
about the (im)possibilities of cultural redevelopment and re-use industrial
buildings. Speakers included Liesbeth Jansen (Westergasfbariek/ Amsterdam), Eva
de Klerk (NDSM-Werf/ Amsterdam), Arjo Klamer, George Lawson, Hans Spigt
(alderman Culture city council Dordrecht), artists, squatters, fire brigade and