Noordkaap is a Dutch platform for contemporary art production rooted in present-day political and social contexts. The
foundations purpose is to research social issues with the aim of
creating cross-boarder programmes, that appeal to the public in
unconventional ways. Noordkaap develops, produces and exhibits
high-quality contemporary art using experimental forms of presentation.
It operates both inside as well as outside the regular channels of the
art world.

Noordkaap is a non-profit organisation with a ANBI status, following the Dutch Cultural Governance Code, seated in Dordrecht.NL


  • is a Dutch nomadic platform for contemporary art and creative production
  • realizes context-related productions in collaboration with a network of international artists and designers at different stages in their artistic careers
  • experiments with forms of presentation and public outreach together with local partners
  • makes multidisciplinair programs that deal with current issues of urban society
  • programmed in The Netherlands, in Munich, Lisbon, Cologne, Budapest and in Istanbul

“… participants are more than capable of dealing with artists who reject Aristotelian moderation in favour of providing a more complicated acces
to social truth, however eccentric, extreme or irrational this might be.”

Claire Bishop, ‘Artificial Hells–Participatory, Art and the Politics of Spectatorship’, Verso 2012