Noordkaap presents, in co-operation with the Academy of the Arts of the World / Cologne, a series of new site-specific artworks that premiere during taxi rides through the city of Cologne. Noordkaap brings together a mix of digital storytelling, VR experience and methods of data science. Guided tours, workshops, lecture performances and immersive rides.

A post-futuristic farewell
from the analogue car

Since the Futurists praised the automobile as the ultimate tool for human progress, the car guided us through Western Modernity, embodying the concept of a promising future. It proved resistant to many crucial political and economic crises. The car remained a reliable product that provided individual space and a sense of self-determination, a touch of autonomy. At least until recently. We have entered an era beyond mere future, the post-future, as the Italian media theorist Franco Berardi describes in After the Future (2011). The car is becoming an outdated polluting object, that got stuck in traffic jams and is being overtaken by the speed of big data on the digital superhighway. In order to survive, the car industry is radically re-inventing itself. The future of the automobile is digital – Google’s Android Auto, Apple’s Carplay and Amazon’s Alexa are turning the car into a source of its drivers’ movement profiles and other valuable consumer behaviour patterns. Noordkaap takes this process of ‘surveillance capitalism’, aptly described by Soshanna Zuboff as a starting point for a farewell from our analogue driven car….more

NKTaxi is part of the project Memory Stations, an initiative of the Academy of the Arts of the World/ Cologne that involves a broad public in the creation of a new digital archive for the city and the NRW region.

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